Tutorial in Computer Arts magazine

Posted by admin on Aug 6, 2007 in CSS, Design, People & News

computer arts mag3If you pick up this month’s issue of Computer Arts magazine (issue 137), you should find a tutorial on page 60 by yours truly. It’s called ‘Simplify Your Navigation’ and aims to spread the word about the technique that involves using only one background image for all of your nav items. It’s aimed at the more middleweight Web Designer, but CSS newbies should still be able to follow along.


Google Mashup Editor – Beta

Posted by admin on Aug 5, 2007 in CSS, Development

Google Mashup EditorGoogle Mashup Editor — a quick way to build simple applications. The Mashup Editor lets you create mashups without having to do much coding; instead, you use standard HTML and extended tags, which correspond to UI controls that can display and manipulate RSS, Atom and GData feeds.

The product consists of three parts:

  • The Mashup Editor, which is itself an AJAX application.
  • A server-side hosting framework, which provides developer services (e.g., source code management via Google Code project hosting) and mashup services such as Google Base and a data store that can be accessed via feeds.
  • A JavaScript client library that implements the mashup UI controls and data processing functionality. The server-side components leverage Google’s scalable infrastructure and provide access to Google services via the Google data APIs protocol; the client-side components were developed exclusively using the Google Web Toolkit.

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the learn list

Posted by admin on Jul 9, 2007 in CSS, Design, Development, Flash, Photoshop, Web tools

thelearn list
The learn list is a super simple resource that aims to gather the best tutorial and book links from all over the web.


13 Styles – css menu designs

Posted by admin on Jul 2, 2007 in CSS, Design, Web 2.0, Web tools

13 style13styles is all about css website navigation menus. The menus are list based, very light-weight, easy to implement, and cross-browser compliant. Some of the css menus are free and some require you to purchase rights to use them.

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