Apple.com-Style Search Suggestion jQuery Plugin

Posted by admin on Apr 20, 2009 in Development, Web 2.0, Web tools

Apple search suggestion

The layout of Apple.com is simple and beautiful. Yet, one of the most awesome things about the website is the search functionality. It gives you suggestions (with images) about the several products they offer, making it really user-friendly. Marco has recreated the effect by creating a Fancy Apple.com-style Search Suggestion Plugin.


JQuery User Interface library

Posted by admin on Sep 18, 2007 in Development, Web 2.0, Web tools

jqueryuiDraggables, droppables, resizables, shadows, sliders, sortables, tabs, accordions, selectables, trees, and modals. All completely documented, demoed, themed, and 100% Free Open Source Software.”


Web 2.0 Badges & badge generator

Posted by admin on Sep 12, 2007 in Design, Web 2.0, Web tools

badgeWeb20Badges is a set of free and very cool web badges. They are probably one of the most popular trend in Web 2.0 time. It’s most over-used trendy little design technique in our days, they immediately attract visitor’s attention Web badges have various round or square corners and eye-catchy colours. Badges can be used for display a big ‘Beta’ message on your website or emphasize a price or a promotion.


LabPixels – Web gadgets for the web

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labpixelYour source for the Coolest Gadgets on the Web! LabPixies is a free online directory for web gadgets. Our gadgets are available for personalized homepages like Google, Live.com, Netvibes and Pageflakes, and can also be embedded on most blogs and web pages.


OSX FilePathCM-Is a contextual menu item for

Posted by admin on Sep 3, 2007 in Web tools
  • Copying the POSIX path of a file or folder to the clipboard.
  • Copying the HFS path of a file or folder to the clipboard.
  • Copying the full name of a file or folder to the clipboard.
  • Copying the display name of a file or folder to the clipboard.
  • Copying the extension of a file or folder to the clipboard.

To Install the Contextual Menu Place the plugin into your “Contextual Menu Items” folder located in your Library folder, creating it if necessary:/Library/Contextual Menu Items/FilePathCM.pluginThen logout and back into your account to load the plugin. filepath CMDownload FilePathCM 


The Great Barrier Reef by Colourlovers

Posted by admin on Aug 28, 2007 in Design, Web tools

reefcoloursColorful Sea Life of the Great Barrier Reef. More than 1500 species of fish live on the reef, including the Clownfish (below), Red Bass, Red-Throat Emperor, and several species of Snapper and Coral Trout. The Great Barrier Reef was named one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World by CNN in 1997, and it’s no wonder, given its span, its diverse inhabitants, and its wonderful colors.

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