Dreamstudio Design

Posted by admin on Sep 6, 2007 in Design, Flash, Illustration

DreamstudioDream Studio is an award-winning design company, 3D models developed in a 3D application, and animation created in Swift3d.

Related links: Swift3D.com (pc), 3dStudioMax (pc), Cinema4D (mac).


Bill Wood Illustration – Au Site of the Month

Posted by admin on Sep 4, 2007 in Design, Illustration, Site of the month

bill woodLooking for inspiration in designing unique pins for Google Map? then get inspired at Bill Wood illustration, I love his map illustrations.


Checkland Kindleysides – Simply Amazing

Posted by admin on Aug 23, 2007 in Design, Flash, Illustration

checklandThe elegant and clear minimalistic structured website is transmitting Checkland Kindleysides design philosophy; Intelligent, creative and durable solutions for high-quality projects.


Hope Garden – Battle against cancer

Posted by admin on Aug 13, 2007 in Design, Flash, Illustration

flowerhopeThe Hope Garden is a way for those struggling with cancer, and their loved ones, to plant hope in others: a single message can lift, inspire and bless a life. Science and technology have made tremendous strides in the battle against cancer. But there is also something to be said for the strength that comes from human relationships. Relating and sharing experiences, hopes and successes can lift the human spirit in ways no drug or procedure can. And to that end we present the Hope Garden.


JonathanYuen.com – My all time favorite Flash website

Posted by admin on Aug 7, 2007 in Design, Flash, Illustration, Web Awards

yuen JonathanYuen.com nominated for best animation 2006 Webby Awards. My all time favorite website. Just beautiful. Emotionally immersive and inspiring. Visually powerful.


Pencil icon tutorial

Posted by admin on Aug 3, 2007 in Design, Illustration, Photoshop, Web tools

pen2penSharpen up your vector skills with this tutorial on how to create a pencil icon.

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