Google Mashup Editor – Beta

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Google Mashup EditorGoogle Mashup Editor — a quick way to build simple applications. The Mashup Editor lets you create mashups without having to do much coding; instead, you use standard HTML and extended tags, which correspond to UI controls that can display and manipulate RSS, Atom and GData feeds.

The product consists of three parts:

  • The Mashup Editor, which is itself an AJAX application.
  • A server-side hosting framework, which provides developer services (e.g., source code management via Google Code project hosting) and mashup services such as Google Base and a data store that can be accessed via feeds.
  • A JavaScript client library that implements the mashup UI controls and data processing functionality. The server-side components leverage Google’s scalable infrastructure and provide access to Google services via the Google data APIs protocol; the client-side components were developed exclusively using the Google Web Toolkit.

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