Apple iphone for sale in Sydney

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Apple will most likely officially release the iphone in Australia April 2008, If you can’t wait you can purchase a unlocked or locked iphone from the following stores that seem to be legitimate based on users feedback:

Instore: T24 Capitol Square, 730-742 George Street, Haymarket NSW 2000.
I came across a store in China town (Sydney) on the weekend that had a iphone box on display, I walked in and convinced the guy I was pretty interested in purchasing the iphone, so he handed it over the counter, it felt solid, weighted then most smart phones, it felt perfect, I asked him if it was unlocked he said it’ll work on all SIM. How much do you ask? Well If you have extremely deep pockets and rather not take the risk purchasing a iphone on Ebay or hacking / bricking a locked AT&T iphone you could be a proud owner of a unlocked Apple iPhone 8GB Black MP3 Mobile Phone for $1450.

Online: Voitech Solutions (Sydney, Five Dock). Apple iPhone 8GB Black MP3 Mobile Phone – Unlocked $800 / Locked $640 (incl delivery)

Aussie iphones (Melbourne). Apple iPhone 8GB Black MP3 Mobile Phone – unLocked $950 (incl delivery)

If you prefer to hack your locked phone, you have two options:

1. Free hacking tools. Tip : Make sure you use latest hacking tools, your asking for trouble (bricking your iphone) performing a jail break with 1.0 tools on the latest itunes 7.4

2. Paid for applications is your safe bet.

Whatever your decision, do your homework, hacking tools are constantly improving.


Nunodias Portfolio – Flash

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nunodiasNuno Dias graduated from the The Arts Institute at Bournemouth in 2001.
In Portugal 2002 , Nuno joined Tangerina Azul Films, where he shot his first (test) film that won him a Bronze award for best direction in the Portuguese advertising festival; Clube Creativos Portugal. Nice example of a unique flash navigation showcasing nunodias film portfolio .


JQuery User Interface library

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jqueryuiDraggables, droppables, resizables, shadows, sliders, sortables, tabs, accordions, selectables, trees, and modals. All completely documented, demoed, themed, and 100% Free Open Source Software.”


Financial Review – Write our next Ad

Posted by admin on Sep 12, 2007 in Design, Flash

Financial ReviewI love Financial Review’s competition ‘Write our next ad’. Created in Flash, topped with clean graphics, action-scripting and your chance to win prizes worth over $6375 make this a must see site.


Web 2.0 Badges & badge generator

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badgeWeb20Badges is a set of free and very cool web badges. They are probably one of the most popular trend in Web 2.0 time. It’s most over-used trendy little design technique in our days, they immediately attract visitor’s attention Web badges have various round or square corners and eye-catchy colours. Badges can be used for display a big ‘Beta’ message on your website or emphasize a price or a promotion.


Dreamstudio Design

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DreamstudioDream Studio is an award-winning design company, 3D models developed in a 3D application, and animation created in Swift3d.

Related links: Swift3D.com (pc), 3dStudioMax (pc), Cinema4D (mac).

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